An Odyssey from Pre-Revolutionaary Russia Through War-Torn Europe to a Pacific Paradise

Emiko Lyovin





Valentina was raised in the Russian imperial capital of Saint Petersburg. The daughter of a Russian Orthodox priest, she experienced many dangers during the Russian revolution and the civil war. She finally left her native land of Russia and began a long and arduous journey across continents… Follow her odyssey and unfold a true story of courage and determination.



"I have just finished Valentina in one sitting. It weaves a compelling tale of familial resilience and historical vicissitudes. Instructive and entertaining, it captured me from the first page to the last. 

The odyssey the author so ably accounts forms a circle of fates both tragic and happy between and among four generations. As a memoir, it has no analogue."

- Dr. John Stephan
Russian History Professor Emeritus University of Hawaii


This book was recommended by the US Review of Books